Claires Vineyard

The magic of the flavors from Claire's Vineyard is a combination of the balance of the fertile terroir of rich loam top soil with a mixture of red clay and the foggy cool mornings and warm summer days in this part of the valley. The vineyard is 4 acres close to the center of the Russian River Appellation which was part of a former dairy farm for 80 years. This doesn't mean the grapes have flavors of dairy, but the grapes do have strong concentrated flavors from the nutrient rich soil. The vineyard was planted in 1998 with 777 and 667 clones of Pinot.

Claire Odie can be seen daily walking the rows of the vineyard in the fall, tasting the grapes from each vine for ripeness and flavor while checking for any defects. Dropping, pruning, perfecting. Rio Crest is proud to have such a meticulous farmer on the team.

Claire farms her vineyard for high quality flavors -- the birds eat well during veraison stage as fruit is dropped into the rows that will add to the balance of the soils. We are anxiously awaiting our 2013 first release of Clarie's Vineyard Pinot Noir.

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